About FAS Hansek GmbH & Co KG

FAS Hansek was the first company to recognize the incredible potential of using recycling equipment in the mineral wool industry. The first system of this type was installed by a well-known manufacturer about 30 years ago. Since then, FAS Hansek has been able to manufacture and install about 160 recycling, filtration and exhaust gas cleaning systems for worldwide demand.

FAS Hansek is your main partner for customized recycling plants and components. We develop, produce, assemble and maintain the machinery according to the individual specifications of our customers. Our ultimate goal is an individual, economical and solid technical solution for the recycling of scarce resources, which brings profit to you as machinery owner and also benefit to our environment.

As we are a company specialized on individually engineered machinery, our customers and their requirements are the central goal of our company policy. For us this means in first line the fullest satisfaction of customer's demands for high quality as well as complete service package from a single source and reliable adherence to agreed deadlines. This can be assured mainly by the highest qualifications and commitment of all our employees, who are of great importance for the company already during their education.


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