Edge trim shredders

Our edge trim shredder is used to pick up the separated edge strips from the mineral wool web, shred and convey them to the recycling plant via an extraction system. The separated edge trim is sucked into the housing of the edge strip shredder via a inlet box. This is done by a permanent suction system, which is installed downstream of the edge trim shredder.

Suction power at the inlet can be regulated by a slide valve on the inlet box. In the shredder housing the edge trim waste is shredded between a rotor with knockers and a fixed sickle grate. The shredded material is afterwards sucked out of the edge trim shredder for further processing.


  • Shredding of edge strips in the mineral wool industry

Main advantages

  • Suitable for stone and glass wool
  • Long service life due to wear-resistant design
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