Filter plants for cooling sections and curing ovens

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A filter for cooling zone / curing oven is used to separate fine suspended particles. Filter housing consists of individual chambers with several filter mats. Easy access due to large external doors and therefore filter media can be changed quickly.

Main characteristics

  • Residual dust content:
  • Filter media: Mineral wool panels
  • Volume flow: 20,000 - 40,000 m³/h
  • Extraction point: Curing oven / Cooling zone
  • Discharge: e.g. transport pipes / screws
  • Filter change chamber by chamber
  • Operating temperature: 70°C / raw gas temperature max. 50°C

Main advantages

  • Sturdy design for long service life
  • Extension possible due to modular design


Volume flow: 30,000 m³/h
Filtering surface: approx. 32 m²
Filter medium: Mineral wool panels from your own production
Operating temperature: 70° C

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